Members of the 1861 Secession convention - Tallahassee, Florida

Members of the 1861 Secession convention - Tallahassee, Florida

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  • Members of the 1861 Secession convention - Tallahassee, Florida

Image Number

  • RC00517


  • 1861

Date Note

  • Photographed in January 1861.

Series Title

General Note

  • Top row (L-R): 1. William B. Yates, Brevard County; 2. Green H. Hunter, Columbia County; 3. Samuel W. Spencer, Franklin County; 4. Summerfield M.G. Gary, Marion County; 5, Simmons J. Baker, Calhoun County; 6. McQueen McIntosh, Calhoun County; 7. Daniel D. McLean, Washington County; 8. Simon B. Turman, Hillsborough County; 9. J.O. Duval, Putnam County.
  • Second row: 10. William H. Sever, Taylor County; 11. John J. Lamb, Marion County; 12. James Gettis, Hillsborough County; 13. E.C. Love, Gadsden County; 14. Isaac N. Rutland, Orange County; 15. William S. Dilworth, Jefferson County; 16. R.G. Mays, St. Johns County; 17. C.C. Simpson, Santa Rosa County; 18. James A. Newman, Suwanee County.
  • Third row: 19. A. William Nicholson, Escambia County; 20. Arthur J.T. Wright, Columbia County; 21. Joseph Finegan, Nassau County; 22. William W. Woodruff, Orange County; 23. Abraham Kurkindolle Allison, Gadsden County; 24. David Lewis, Wakulla County; 25. John Morrison, Walton County; 26. John C. Pelot, Alachua County; 27. Andrew J. Lea, Madison County.
  • Fourth row: 28. Lewis A. Folsom, Hamilton County; 29. Samuel B. Stephens, Franklin County; 30. George Washington Parkhill, Leon County; 31. S. H. Wright, Escambia County; 32. Thomas J. Hendricks, Clay County; 33. Mathew Solana, St. Johns County; 34. James H. Chandler, Volusia County; 35. William Pinkney, Monroe County; 36. Alexander L. McCaskill, Walton County; 37. Thomas Y. Henry, Gadsden County.
  • Fifth row: 38. William T. Gregory, Liberty County; 39. Freeman B. Irwin, Washington County; 40. James G. Cooper, Nassau County; 41. Thompson Bird Lamar, Jefferson County; 42. John C. McGehee (President), Madison County; 43. Thomas M. Palmer, Jefferson County; 44. Benjamin W. Saxon, Hernando County; 45. Adam McNealy, Jackson County; 46. Ezekiel Glazier, Manatee County.
  • Sixth row: 47. William S. Harris (secretary), Marion County; 48. S.S. Alderman, Jackson County; 49. James B. Owens, Marion County; 50. George T. Ward, Leon County; 51. John Beard, Leon County; 52. W.G.M. Davis, Leon County; 53. Robert R. Golden, Holmes County; 54. James Patton Anderson, Jefferson County; 55. Isaac S. Coon, New River (now Bradford) County; 56. David G. Leigh, Sumter County.
  • Bottom row: 57. E.P. Barronton, Lafayette County; 58. William McGahagin, Marion County (above J.M. Daniel); 59. Asa F. Tift, Dade County; 60. George Helvenston, Levy County; 61. Joseph Thomas, Hamilton County; 62. John P. Sanderson, Duval County; 63. Winer Bethel, Monroe-Dade County; 64. Jackson Morton, Santa Rosa County; 65. Joseph A. Collier, Jackson County (above J.M. Kerksey); 66. James B. Dawkins, Alachua County (above Daniel Ladd); 67. J.M. Daniel, Duval County (below William McGahagan); 68. J.M. Kirksey, Leon County (at right below Joseph A. Collier); 69. James L.G. Baker, Jackson County (between Taft and Helvenston); 70. Daniel Ladd, Wakulla County (at far right bottom).

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  • 1 photoprint - b&w - 10 x 8 in.

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  • Shelf number: 02392.

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