Recordings of the 1985 Florida Folk Festival




05/24/1985 - 05/26/1985


Audio recording



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T85-1 through T85-65; T85-109 through T85-136; T85-157 through T85-196; C85-1 through C85-4; C85-21 thorugh C84-24; and C85-41 through C85-51

General Note/Comment

  • 133 reel to reels; 20 audio cassettes. For information regarding performers, titles of works, and other details, see individual reel descriptions. The FFP recorded the main stage (amphitheater) (T85-1 through T85-65), the Florida Folklife area/Stage III (T85-157 through T85-196), and the Old Marble Stage (T85-109 through T85-136) on reel to reels; and the Children Folklife Area (C85-1 through C85-4; C85-21 through C85-24) and the Boat Landing Area (C85-41 through C85-51) on audio cassette. Video footage of the festival can be found in S 1615, videos FV-37 through FV-40. This was the 33rd Florida Folk Festival.

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