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Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover



Page 115
Gummi et saccarum cum
paululo aqua menthe tere;
dein oleum adjice, et iterum
tere; deneque aquam reliquam
paulatim infunde, et omnia
misce = A table spoon full every
hour or 2 till it operates, shaking
the mixt. at each dose --
----- Wood & Bache.
Purgative Draught.
[Recipe]. Infus Senns. Comp. O i
Tinct Senna [6 ounces].
Tinct Ialap [2 ounces]
Tinct Cari. C. [1 ounce]
Flake Manna [2 ounces] M.
Dose [1 ounce]. 2, 3, or 4 times a day.

Page 116
Tonic for Strength. [ng in superscript] – mucous
coats, of inte [nes in superscript] & stomach &
preven [ng in superscript] reproduce [ous in superscript] of oxyures.
[Recipe]. Tinct Mur. Ferri. gt. X.
Aq. Cinnamon [1 and a half dram]
Syr. Simp. [1 ounce]. M.
2 teaspoonfulls every hour.
Stewart. Disc. of Child.
Page 248. -----------
[Recipe]. Spigelea. [half ounce].
Senna [2 drams].
Manna [1 ounce].
Foniculi. [2 drams].
Aq bull. [1 ounce] M. Mascera
pr horam in vase leviter
clause et cola. Wine glass full
given to a child furn 2 to 4
years old. Ditto. page 246.