Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Antiphlogistic Syrup,Opiate for Gonorrhea,Creosote Pills in Acute Rheumatism


Page 41
Ioduretted Sol. of Hydreod. Potass.
[Recipe]. Hydrod. Potash [I scruple]
77. Iodine grs. V.
Aqua Pura [1 ounce]. Mix.
Tablespoon full morning & Eve.
Johnson's Diuretic Mixt.
[Recipe]. Acid Tarlaric [10 scruples].
78. Supercarb. Soda. [4 drams]. gr. X.
Spt Ether Nitro [2 ounces 2 drams]
Infuse Digitalis [5 ounces]
Aqua Menth. [10 ounces]. M.
From one to two ounces
two or three times daily.
Black Wash.
[Recipe}. Submur. Hydrar. [1 scruple].
79. Aq. Calcis [8 ounces]. M.

Page 42
Alterative Expectorant Pills.
[Recipe]. Gum. Assafoetida [2 scruples]
80. Pulv. Ipecac. gr. XV.
Pulv. R. Poly g. Senga [half dram]
Sulph Quinine gr. XV. M.
Divide into 30 Pills one taken
3 times daily.-----
Dewers Mixt. vomiting pregnant woman
[Recipe]. Bicarb. Soda. [1 dram]
81. Pulv. g. Arab. [2 drams]
Ol. Mentha. gtt.VIII
Tinct Opii. gtt.XXXX.
Sacch. alb. [3 drams]
Aq. fenvent. [4 ounces]. M.
Table spoon full every two or
three hours as occasion may