Private Life

The following collections consist of the private papers of individuals, families, businesses, or other organizations. The scrapbooks, diaries, letters, and oral history interviews in these collections can provide a glimpse into a woman's life in Florida in the 19th or 20th century.

M73-10 Frank Papy Woodward (1873-1939).

Collection, 1844-1939. .50 cubic feet
The papers of Woodward, a prominent Tallahassee writer, include many poems and writings of his mother, Mary C. Woodward, and grandmother, Anna S. Bowers Woodward.

M74-22 Edmund Cottle Weeks (1829-1907).

Papers, 1854-1935. 3.25 cubic feet
This collection contains the personal and business correspondence of Edmund Weeks' wife, Elizabeth H. Weeks (1836-1936). Mrs. Weeks' business interests included copper mines in New Mexico and property in Iowa inherited from her first husband, Gilbert D. Craft.

M75-86 Randolph Family.

Papers, 1829-1978. 1.00 cubic feet
The Randolphs settled in Tallahassee in 1829 and were a prominent local family. Thomas Eston Randolph's daughters conducted the first school for girls in Tallahassee. The collection contains drawings, poems, essays, school papers, and letters of several Randolph women.

M77-157 William Dunnington Bloxham (1835-1911).

Papers, 1896-1911. 1.50 cubic feet William D. Bloxham served as Florida's Secretary of State and Governor. His papers also contain photographs and personal and business correspondence (1907-1935) of his wife, Gertrude Norrell Bloxham.

M77-164 Junior League of Tallahassee.

Oral Histories, 1976-1977. 1.00 cubic feet
The Junior League is a women's society interested in local social, economic, cultural, and civic issues. This oral history collection of the Tallahassee chapter consists of interviews with prominent and long-time residents of Tallahassee, including many women. Those interviewed discuss life in turn-of-the-century Tallahassee. Especially noteworthy are the conversations on attending Florida State College for Women in the early 20th century. Transcripts of the interviews are included. A list of those interviewed is in the full series description available at the Archives.

M77-167 Nettie Clare Bowen (1885-1973).

Oral History, 1972. 1 cassette.
Nettie Clare Bowen was active in political and civic affairs in Tallahassee. This interview concerns the history of buildings and families in the area of historic Calhoun Street and life in that area at the turn of the century.

M79-179 Wakulla County Public Library.

Oral Histories, 1978-1979. .50 cubic feet
These oral history interviews concern the growth and development of business and community in Wakulla County at the turn of the century. The collection contains the interview tapes as well as written summaries with background information. Several women are among those interviewed.

M80-5 Bessie Whitaker.

Travel Journal, ca. 1862. 1 volume.
This journal was maintained during a European tour in the 1860s. Entries describe tourist sites, social events and travel. The diary also includes sketches by the writer.

M81-3 Hughes Family.

Papers, 1844-1889. 1.00 cubic feet
The papers of this North Florida/South Georgia family include the diary (1884, 1889) of Kate C. Hughes which provides a look at life in the mid-nineteenth century from a woman's perspective.

M81-11 Matthews Family.

Papers, 1856-1910. .25 cubic feet
This collection includes the correspondence of David and Nancy Matthews. Nancy Matthews' letters to her husband describe life on the home front during the Civil War. Also included is her correspondence to the Internal Improvement Fund regarding her pension claims.

M82-7 George H. Asbell (b. 1889).

Papers, 1914-1967. 1.50 cubic feet
George Asbell was an engineer whose work took him to various sites in Florida, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. He also served as the Director of the Florida Motor Vehicle Commission. The collection includes the diaries and correspondence of his wife Charlotte.

M82-13 Abby Crawford Milton.

Oral History, 1982. 1 videotape.
One hundred years old at the time of this interview, Milton discusses her life in Florida with Governor Bob Graham, Commissioner of Agriculture Doyle Conner, and Secretary of State George Firestone.

M83-26 Yarbrough Family.

Papers, 1880-1940. .50 cubic feet
The papers of the Yarbrough family of Jefferson County include scrapbooks and notebooks of Corinne Turnbull Yarbrough and Mary Simpson Yarbrough. Of special interest is an 1885 publication, "A Message from China to the Woman's Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South" which regards the formation of a joint stock company within the church to finance missionary schools in the Far East.

M83-27 Taylor Family.

Papers, 1850-1969. 1.00 cubic feet
The Taylor family papers include the journals of Elizabeth L. Taylor of Black Creek (1850s) and of Mary C. Taylor (1920). Elizabeth Taylor writes of plantation life in the mid-nineteenth century, including slave life and births. The collection contains photographs and genealogy records of the Taylor and related families of Leon and Wakulla counties.

M84-23 Helen Louise Terwilleger Zebley (1930- ).

French Family Genealogical Collection, ca. 1984. 1.50 cubic feet
This collection contains genealogical materials on the French and related families, early settlers of Volusia and Seminole counties. The material formed the basis of Zebley's book on her ancestors' immigration from New York and their lives in Orange City and Sanford, Florida.

M85-7 William George Dodd (1874-1963).

Tallahassee Genealogical Notebook, ca. 1930. 1 folder.
William George Dodd taught at and was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of Florida State College for Women. This collection contains an early map of Tallahassee with property owners noted, lists of early city officials, and local death and wedding announcements.

M86-15 Cora S. Morse (1898-1994).

Papers, 1940-1980. 8.00 cubic feet
Cora S. Morse was involved in the preservation of historic buildings in Tallahassee and was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. These papers and scrapbooks consist of her correspondence, brochures, photographs, and other memorabilia documenting her involvement with historic organizations and preservation.

M86-36 Knott Family.

Papers, 1845-1980. 27.50 cubic feet
William V. Knott of Tallahassee had a long career in Florida state government. These papers include those of his wife, Luella Pugh Knott; his daughter, Mary Knott Bazemore; and his sister-in-law, Permelia Colley Knott. The papers of Luella Knott include her writings, music, and genealogical research. Mary Knott Bazemore was a pediatrician, and her papers reflect her professional life and her interest in the family's real estate holdings. Permelia Knott's papers document her personal and business activities.

M86-38 Elliot Family.

Papers, 1851-1957. 1.00 cubic feet
The papers of this Tallahassee family include those of Sallie Cotton Elliot and Carrie Elliot. A notebook kept by Sallie Cotton Elliot contains letters describing mid-nineteenth century life at a girls' boarding school. Carrie Elliot was a founder of the Tallahassee Live Oak Trail and a member of other civic organizations. Among her papers are materials relating to the organization of the Live Oak Trail, a scenic route that preserved many of the oldest and largest trees in downtown Tallahassee.

M87-8 Griscom Family.

Papers, 1896-1977. 11.50 cubic feet This collection includes the personal and business papers of Audrey Crosse Griscom as well as the correspondence, stocks, tax records, estate records, and other business papers of Frances C. Griscom. Frances Griscom's papers include correspondence with Mamie Eisenhower and President Richard Nixon as well as documents related to the operation of Water Oak Plantation in Leon County.

M87-36 Palmer Family.

Letters, 1856-1915. .25 cubic feet
This collection includes the personal letters of Mary Rebecca Gassaway Palmer. Subject matter includes wedding plans, social activities, and life in Monticello, Florida, during the Civil War and late 19th century.

M87-38 Lewis Family.

Papers, 1853-1967. 11.00 cubic feet
The Lewis family of Tallahassee was the founder of the Lewis State Bank. This collection contains the legal, business and personal papers of several generations of the family involved in the operation of the bank. The women of the family are well-represented, with the papers of Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Elizabeth Douglas Lewis, Sarah Davis Lewis, Sarah Everett Lewis Henderson, and Mary S. Lewis included in the collection.

M88-1 Stone Family.

Papers, 1827-1959. 1.50 cubic feet
These records were collected by Jeanne Coleman Compton Stone and include diaries, correspondence, and other papers of the Stone family of Calhoun County. Mode Lee Stone was a prominent Florida educator, holding positions within the Tallahassee schools, the state Department of Education, and Florida State University. The series includes teacher exams and records from the early 20th century as well as the diary and other papers of Stone's first wife, Lois Lancaster.

M88-21 William Tennent Stockton (1812-1869).

Papers, 1845-1869. 1.25 cubic feet
William Stockton served as mayor of Quincy, Florida. The collections include the letters of Stockton and his wife Julia, most notably their correspondence during the Civil War, as well as genealogies, clippings, and poems.

M89-21 Elizabeth Ann Love Wilson (1822-1901).

Papers, 1848-1892. 8 items.
Elizabeth Ann Love Wilson resided in Gadsden County, Florida. Her papers consist of a diary and prayer book, poems, and letters, including correspondence with her brothers during their service in the Civil War.

M89-32 Daniel H. Wiggins (b. 1795).

Diaries, 1816-1834, 1838-1841, 1862. .50 cubic feet
This collection includes the letterbook of Wiggins' relative, Mary L. Wiggins. The book dates from 1862 when Mary Wiggins was a student at the Female College Institute in Annapolis, Maryland.

M90-15 Zabud Fletcher (1807-1864).

Family Papers, 1835-1870. .25 cubic feet
The Fletchers resided in China Hill in Gadsden County, Florida. The collection includes the correspondence and poetry of Sarah Ann Monroe Fletcher, the wife of Zabud Fletcher.

M90-16 Anna Hahn.

Diaries, 1897-1925. 6 volumes.
The diaries and papers of Anna Hahn of Chester, Pennsylvania, are of both a personal and business nature. Hahn owned several rental properties in Florida with her sister. The diaries reflect Hahn's travels between Pennsylvania and Florida and her interest in the national and international events of the era.

M91-5 Simpson Family.

Papers, 1825-1978. 14.50 cubic feet
This collection includes the letters and papers (dating from the early 20th century) of Dorothy Conrad Simpson, wife of Florida legislator Richard H. Simpson of Monticello.

M92-1 Call Family and Brevard Family Papers,

1804-1905. 6.00 cubic feet
This collection consists of the papers of the family and descendants of Richard Keith Call, Territorial Governor of Florida. Included is a diary of his daughter, Ellen Call Long (the first white child born in Leon County), an author and civic leader. The diary describes life on the home front during the Civil War. The series also includes the writings of educator and author Caroline Mays Brevard.

The Call family and Brevard family papers are available online in the Collections section of the Florida Memory Project.

M94-5 Mackay Estates Limited.

Mackay Family Papers, 1917-1970. 35.00 cubic feet
The Mackay family, originally of Dundee, Scotland, was involved in the cattle and citrus industries in Florida. Following her husband's death in 1940, Grace Mackay moved from Britain to Polk County, Florida, to oversee the management of Mackay Estates Limited. This collection consists of business and personal papers, primarily correspondence and financial documents.