Women's Associations, Clubs and Socities

These collections consist of the working papers (membership rolls, minutes, applications, and memorabilia) of various women's professional, charitable, and historical associations and clubs.

M75-91 American Association of University Women, Miami Branch.

Photograph, 1975. 1 photograph.
This 1975 photograph of members of the Miami Branch of the national organization and other women's groups documents their support of the Equal Rights Amendment. (Also, see Part 5, Women's Rights, for other collections related to equal rights for women.)

M76-131 United Daughters of the Confederacy. Anna Jackson Chapter No. 224 (Tallahassee, Fla.).

Records, 1898-1990. 12.00 cubic feet
The records of this women's philanthropic, historical and social club include meeting minutes, membership documents, and information on its educational programs. The collection also contains family genealogies and records of and information on Confederate soldiers, veterans and supporters.

M83-29 Daughters of the American Revolution. Florida State Society.

Records, 1904-1960. 1 microfilm reel.
The Florida State Society is the central organizing committee for the various local chapters of the DAR, a women's society of descendants of American Revolutionaries whose mission is to promote historical, educational and patriotic work. The series contains minutes, membership rolls and information, and gift records, and it documents the State Society's relations with local chapters and the National Society.

M86-17 Gadsden County Home Demonstration Club.

Scrapbooks, 1935-1940, 1947-1948. 4.75 cubic feet
County Home Demonstration Clubs were women's clubs that traveled through communities instructing women in fields such as sewing, food preparation and conservation, nutrition and health, home beautification, and dairying. Members also participated in the planning of community activities and the organization of local women's clubs. The scrapbooks contain minutes, reports, clippings, correspondence, programs, and photographs.

M88-30 National Society of Colonial Dames XVII Century. Florida Society.

Scrapbooks, 1934-1981. 1 microfilm reel.
The Colonial Dames is a women's group dedicated to the commemoration of the founders of the United States and the preservation of their records. This collection consists of clippings, membership information, programs, and correspondence.

M89-7 Women's Christian Temperance Union (Tampa, Fla.).

Records, 1905-1922. .50 cubic feet
The Women's Christian Temperance Union was a national philanthropic and prohibitionist group at the turn of the century. Among the Tampa chapter's projects was the establishment of one of the first daycare centers in the Tampa area. The collection consists of accounts, minutes, and correspondence.

M89-26 United Daughters of the Confederacy. Florida Division.

Scrapbooks, 1930-1986. 8 volumes.
The United Daughters of the Confederacy was founded to perpetuate the honor, integrity and other "noble attributes to true Southern Heritage." The collection contains clippings, photographs and other memorabilia of the group.

M91-4 United Daughters of the Confederacy. Florida Division.

Membership Applications, 1908-1992. 24 microfilm reels.
Membership applications to the United Daughters of the Confederacy consist of basic information on the applicant as well as family genealogies documenting Confederate heritage.

M93-6 Children of the Confederacy. Florida Division.

Membership Applications, 1906-1993. 11 microfilm reels.
The Children of the Confederacy is a subsidiary for children of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The information on these membership applications concerns both the applicants and their Confederate ancestors.