Sebring Endurance Race (March 16, 1952)

On March 16, 1952, the team of Harry Gray and Frank Burrell won the inaugural endurance race held at the Sebring International Speedway. The track served as an airfield during World War II prior to opening as a European-style, road racing course in the early 1950s. The Sebring Endurance Race lasts for 12 consecutive hours, challenging drivers’ stamina as they navigate a winding course over five miles long.

In 2012, the Sebring Endurance Race celebrates its 60th anniversary. Some of the biggest names and top automakers in racing regularly compete at Sebring. Celebrity drivers such as the actor Steve McQueen have also endured the 12 hour race. The video above shows footage from the 1970 endurance race. Mario Andretti narrowly defeated McQueen, who entered the event despite suffering from a broken leg.