October 20th, 1864: Calvin Hanna’s Furlough

The following post is part of an ongoing series entitled Civil War Voices from Florida. Each day in October 2014, Florida Memory will post a document from the collections of the State Archives of Florida written exactly 150 years before that date, in October 1864.

If you missed our posts from October 18th and October 19th, they are now available online.

Today’s edition of Civil War Voices comes from Calvin Hanna, a private from Gadsden County, Florida. He and his brother Hamilton enlisted in Company B, 8th Florida Infantry on May 10, 1862 at Quincy. Hamilton died during the Battle of Second Bull Run on August 31, 1862, but his brother Calvin remained in the unit until sometime in 1864, when he was transferred to Howard’s Grove Hospital at Richmond.

Having learned of her son’s poor health, Calvin’s mother penned an impassioned plea to the authorities to permit him to come home:

“Sargent in charge of the hospital that Calvin Hanna is in […] if he is yet alive and able to come home, I ask of you, if you have any regard for a mother’s feeling which you are not destitute of, I pray you give him a discharge or a furlough, as I wish to see him once more in life and restore him to health as I think I can do so…”

Mrs. Hanna’s wish was granted. On October 20th, Calvin Hanna received this furlough pass:

Calvin Hanna's Furlough - Front

Calvin Hanna’s Furlough – Front (Hanna Family Papers [M87-37], State Archives of Florida)

Calvin Hanna's furlough - back

Calvin Hanna’s furlough – back (Hanna Family Papers [M87-37], State Archives of Florida)



Howard’s Grove HOSPITAL, Richmond VA   Oct 20th 1864.

Private C Hanna, Company “B” 8th Fla Regiment, Perry’s Brigade, being unfit for military duty in accordance with Par. II, G.O. No. 25, A. & I. Genl’s Office, 1864, is furloughed for 35 thirty five days, to go to Quincy, Gasden Co., Fla.

[Signed] James [illegible]

[At the expiration of this furlough he will report to his Regiment, or, if unable to do so, to the nearest General Hospital or the nearest Enrolling Officer.]

On the reverse:

Rations [illegible] for 10 days. 25.00 […]

Paid 4 mo wages to include 31 of [acct? Aug?] 1864   $63.13  [signed] WS Kemper, A. Gen [Adjutant General]

# 11177 Nov 19/64 – Transport furnished in kind from Quincy to Albany.

[signed] N. F.[?] GonzalezCapt. [?]


And Mrs. Hanna was right about her ability to restore her son Calvin to health. Private Hanna returned to his unit in December 1864 and remained with the 8th Florida Infantry until the end of the war. He was paroled at Tallahassee on May 17, 1865.

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