Miami in the 1920s

Men shooting dice - Miami, Florida
Postcard of couples in a tourist photo booth at Hardie's Bathing Casino during the prohibition - Miami Beach, Florida
Young women enjoying a day at the beach together - Miami Beach, Florida

If you’re searching in the Photographic Collection, you can use the date function to narrow your search to a particular year or range of years. For this post, I searched for Miami and entered 1920-1929 into the date function.

Found a great photo of Miami in the 1920s that we missed? Post a link in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Miami in the 1920s

    • Hi Lois,
      We weren’t able to find anything on L.B. Richardson, but there was a Louis D. Richardson who was the secretary-treasurer of City Holdings Co. (real estate) in the 1923 Miami city directory. The company shows up in the Division of Corporations database. We have not been able to find anything in the Archives catalog to indicate we have any records on Mr. Richardson.

      You may want to contact the State Library or the Miami-Dade Public Library, which has a Florida collection. Good luck in your research!

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