Happy Birthday Jackie Gleason!

Image from the "Jackie Gleason Show," filmed in Miami

Image from the "Jackie Gleason Show," filmed in Miami

Actor Jackie Gleason brought his variety show from its original home in New York City to Miami in 1964.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jackie Gleason!

  1. I had no idea the Jackie Gleason Show was ever filmed in Miami. I never watched it, but I always remember the scene from Back to the Future where they talk about it. Really cool to know.

  2. My dad always used to tell me about that show. I am sure he already knows it was once filmed down in south Florida but I will tell him anyway! Happy Birthday Jackie Gleason!

  3. I remember going to the show at a very young age with my parents in Miami. The city and the show seemed so glamorous compared to North Florida. I felt like we were at the center of the universe. A few years later I rode in an Eldorado car that had supposedly been purchased from Gleason by a friend of my parents. I thought for sure I would find a stash of $100 bills under the carpet or some discarded jewelry in the ash tray! And, I would have insisted we return these things to Mr. Gleason immediately!! Happy Birthday

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